Knights MK are offering market leading virtual tours, premium remote viewings, professionally edited photography & accurate floor plans all for 1%+ vat

Four main features to the ultimate Sales package…

Your property will be marketed on Rightmove, social media and various other internet sites and with all of the following features available…

1…Market leading virtual tours

Presenting properties in the highest quality is key to selling/letting property . Knights MK has the technology to takes 270MP HDR virtual tours - the highest resolution virtual tours on the planet - you can be safe in the knowledge Knights MK are offering exceptional service.

2….Remote viewings

Remote viewing has become a key asset during the global crisis, to support your business and protect your clients we have a new remote viewings feature. The feature is dynamic and works flawlessly for all parties, giving you the best real-world experience when viewing property.

As part of our new remote viewings we offer the buyer/ tenant the opportunity to take over control of the viewing, allowing them to discuss particular areas with you. Giving clients the ability to navigate a property independently will significantly support you in your efforts to let or sell properties.

3…. Professionally edited wide angle photography

Beautiful imagery is also an essential tool in your property listing armoury and is paramount to letting and selling property. Knights MK technology uses 96MP HDR photography to make your properties really stand out.

Quality photography can be the difference between potential prospects scrolling over your advertised properties and clicking, to ensure you're maximising your chance we professionally edit all of our photos.

4…Floor plans

Ensuring floor plans are correct is critical to sellers, recent surveys have identified that properties are routinely mismeasured. Providing inaccurate floor plans can impact vendors significantly, for instance loft conversions being marketed as bedrooms, however the space is not big enough to be legally listed as a bedroom.

Mismeasured spaces can lead to buyers negotiating sellers down from the forecasted property price. Knights MK technology delivers floor plans at 98%+ accuracy.

While very few buyers will make a property purchase without viewing physically first, the latest technology we use offers immense flexibility and streamlines the viewing process for both our team and our customers. all while offering customers a real-life experience from the comfort of their home. Its convenience means that customers have time to view, albeit ‘virtually’, a much larger pool of properties and we have found this leads to better quality viewers and removes the tyre kickers.