Fully managed service

Knights MK offer a Fully Managed Service for your property, giving you total peace of mind knowing that your property is in safe hands. We will find you the best possible tenant and make sure that the rent is always paid on time without delay. We will also carry out inspections throughout the tenancy term just to make sure your investment is being looked after as it should be.


The completion of the Inventory and Schedule of Condition is often a neglected aspect of the process of renting a house. It is extremely important. In the unlikely event that you ever need to make a claim you can then provide a full photographic and detailed inventory signed by the tenant on check in. An Inventory is much more than a mere list of objects in a room; It is a list, coupled with a description of the decoration and fittings in every room in the house. When the tenant leaves the property they are then asked to check through the inventory again and the difference in the condition of these objects and decorations will be charges against them or their deposit. A full photographic and detailed inventory can be carried out on your behalf if requested. These are charged at £150 inc VAT for 1, 2 and 3 bed properties. Then £200 inc VAT for 4 bedrooms plus.

Click here to see a Sample Inventory Click here to see a Sample Inventory


At the time of check-in the tenant is asked to agree to the inventory and to sign a copy. The Inventory then becomes part of the Tenancy Agreement.

Check Out

We will check the condition of the property against the Inventory and deal with any tenancy disputes. We will not deal with any tenancy disputes if we do not manage your property or if the Inventory has not been prepared professionally.

Rent Guarantee and legal expense scheme

We use Home Let or Van Mildert to provide Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses. Terms and Conditions will apply. The rent guarantee scheme is offered subject to tenants' references being approved and accepted by the insurance company. For our Fully Managed service we offer a free rent guarantee and legal expense cover for the first six months of the first tenancy we agree, if we act as your sole agents, subject to insurance company approval. You may be able to purchase the cover to keep your property covered after this period.